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Wellspring Topics

Wellspring topics are original source concepts for establishing agile-thinking. Each wellspring topic is a white paper developed by 3Back, and together they comprise the wellspring. A given wellspring topic explores and explains a single invaluable concept for agile-thinking. All wellspring topics are significant and should be read. Wellspring topics should be understood by everyone interested in using scrum.

  • Agility – The most fundamental concept in the Wellspring is Agility.
  • The Well-Formed Team – We believe in team-based development, and the kind of team we believe in is the Well-Formed Team.
  • Done – When producing Results, the concept of Done is crucial, as getting to Done is both the goal and a description of the work.
  • Leadership – A group of people working together requires Leadership of many kinds: formal leadership, informal leadership, and emergent leadership. 
  • Scaling – We view an Organization as a collection of Teams, so we must understand the issues involved when Scaling development from a single Team to multiple Teams. 

Taken individually, the wellspring topics are missing something. Taken all at once, the wellspring topics are overwhelming. Carefully, read each topic to center your agile-thinking and form a broader operating mindset.