Analysis Story

[uh-nal-uh-sis stawr-ee, stohr-ee]

Definition of Analysis Story

A Story that finds Items or Stories; a Story that conducts Agile Analysis. The most common Analysis Stories find functional Stories by one of various methods (working with SMEs, studying Change Requests, conducting Usability Analysis, etc.); however, there can also be risk analysis Stories (finding risks and fears that need be dealt with), process analysis Stories (finding process improvements), and so on.


Refinement Stories are a specific kind of Analysis Story, and usually focus on extracting and refining Stories from Epics, rather than finding new Items – which is the focus of other types of Analysis Stories.

The Team may not be able to agree to do the Story, or might not even be able to agree on the Doneness Agreement. This makes the Story in question an Epic, by definition, and the Team must decide what to do. Typical choices include agreeing to an Analysis Story to analyze the Epic, extracting a smaller Story from the Epic to do instead (putting the remainder back on the Backlog), or skipping the Story altogether and moving to the next one.

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