Pull Feedback

[poo l feed-bak]

Definition of Pull Feedback

Feedback obtained by actively engaging a stakeholder during review of any product artifact (completed story or product increment).


The stakeholder has been presented with the results of the teams work, and a team member pulls feedback from the stakeholder by asking: "What do you think about...?".


The Get To Done method uses a combination of Pull and Catch observations to collect feedback on the result. Typically the result is thought of as a work product (meaningful increment) for the Sprint. Get To Done is both a physical card system and an electronic tool. Get To Done is also a method designed specifically to support Scrum. And by extension any form of Agile. Observations can be of a qualitative and quantitative nature without having to specify sources of intelligence or information. An observation can be made at anytime about anything. In Get To Done we use observations because they closely aligns with a science like treatment of information and operates as a less constrained word providing more freedom to the collector.

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