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Definition of TeamLet

The Team Members and SMEs who are Swarming on a particular Story. The typical swarm involves 2-3 people at a time.


Every Story being worked on has a TeamLet working on it, even if the TeamLet consists of only one person.

The TeamLet is made up of no more than one Coordinator and (possibly many) Swarmers.

Since the Team is Swarming on the Stories, the TeamLets that are Swarming will need to have discussions about their Stories. For example, they will need architecture discussions, design discussions, interface discussions, test design discussions, and so on. At the Daily Scrum they should tell the rest of the Team that they’re having these discussions.

Teamlets spontaneously swarm on stories and get to done. Spontaneous teamleting is a sign of team maturity, it is not something you cause it is something you observe.

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