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Work In Process

[wurk in pros-es]

Definition of Work In Process

The amount of work that has been selected from a pool of potential work, which may be currently being worked on or not, and has yet to be delivered to the customer.
The work in a Kanban System that has past the first commitment point, but has not been taken delivery of by the customer of that system.


Our Work In Process consisted of 3 stories that were being worked on and 2 that hadn't been started on. All of the stories will be delivered to the customer at the end of the Sprint.


WIP, or Work in Process, is commonly misspoken as “Work in Progress”, when in fact, WIP does not imply that any progress (active work towards completion of some item of work) at all is actually taking place. This is a key distinction, because part of understanding work within any process requires understanding that there is a difference between working and waiting time within and between any knowledge discovery or value creation activities within that process.

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