[uh-lahyn-muh nt]

Definition of Alignment

People are in alignment about something when their understandings of the essence of that something are consistent; we often say they “are on the same page”. The primary goal of Product Ownership is to have Goals, Strategies, Plans, and Action in alignment from top to bottom – from Stakeholders to Production Team Members. (note: this concept was originally described by General Helmuth von Moltke (the elder) (1800-1891), and the German term for this concept is “Auftragsklärung”)


The relationship between the Business Owner and Team Captain is very important, as they, the Team, and the Stakeholders, must be in alignment about what Results are to be delivered.

The Team Captain must spend a lot of time with his/her team so that they are all in alignment about what work needs to be done to achieve the necessary Results.

It is the Delivery Manager's job to assure that the current Delivery Forecast is in alignment with the realities of the Work.

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