Done Increment

[duhn in-kruh-muh nt]

Definition of Done Increment

(Per Ken Schwaber, Agile Project Management with Scrum, Microsoft Press, 2004, pg. 12) “the increment consists of thoroughly tested, well-structured, and well-written code that has been built into an executable and that the user operation of the functionality is documented… This is the definition of a ‘done’ increment.” An Increment is Done when all the Stories involved in the Increment meet their Doneness Agreements.


The best thing to deliver every Sprint would be a Done increment of Deliverable, so that it could be released if the Stakeholders said it was complete enough. For most Teams, however, not every Sprint is a potential Release Sprint – the purpose of most Sprints is to gather meaningful feedback about what the Stakeholders want in order to progress towards a Release in the future.

We can see that the Team’s Product every Sprint is not restricted to Done Increments of deliverables, but can also be other results used to elicit meaningful feedback about what the ultimate Deliverables should be.

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