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Doneness Agreement

[duhn-nis uh-gree-muh nt]

Definition of Doneness Agreement

An agreement between the Product Owner and the rest of the Team that defines when a Story will be complete (or Done). The Story Agreement consists of the Acceptance Criteria, the Standard of Care, and possibly additional General Agreements. This notion can be extended to Capabilities, Sprints, Releases, and so on… (synonym for Agreement, Definition of Done, Story Agreement, "Done")


Sprint Planning is the formal discussion when the Team commits to a Sprint Goal and agrees to do a collection of Stories based on their Doneness Agreements.
When preparing for the Review it is important to remember that the Team shouldn’t demonstrate or review any Results that aren’t Done; that is, the Product being Reviewed should be the result of Stories that have met their Doneness Agreements. We like to say that there is no partial credit in Scrum – we don’t Review something that isn’t "Done".

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