Hybridized Agile

[hahy-bri-dahyz aj-uhl]

Definition of Hybridized Agile

An approach to creating a better breed of agile by combining various agile and existing processes; this often leads to Paradigm Induced Blindness.


When you see hyphenated patterns like Lean-Agile-Kanban-Scrum-etc. you probably have a problem. (this practice is not recommended)

We are doing Scaled Agile Frameworks and it has six different views that allow us to customize it to our needs. Then we have our Process Consultants that tailor it for our teams. (this practice is not recommended)

Our organization cannot adopt Scrum as-is so we are pulling best practices from all the popular agile methodologies to create a form of hybridized agile that is customized to us. (this practice is not recommended)

Our organizational design necessitates an involved approach to agile therefore we are building a supporting hybridized agile framework. (this practice is not recommended)

We are sending our people to hybridized agile certification. They will learn Scrum, Kanban, DevOps, Agile and DSDM all in packed into 4 intense days of training. After training, they take a certification test developed using psychometric analysis techniques to insure they respond correctly to the questions. After my people are certified in Agile and know Agile. Our company will have an Agile Center of Excellence and be agile. Long term I like this goal since it supports my career objective of implementing large scale agile. (this practice is not recommended)


Culture, behavior and process are an intricately linked self-reinforcing trinity, and will seek to re-establish each other when faced with displacement. Scrum 3.0 thinking is a displacement.
Many people seek to avoid the discomfort of displacement brought on my implementing Scrum and ease the difficulty of adopting better practice. As a result they often unwittingly create agile approaches that anchor the status quo and do not lead to real change.

  • Hybridized Agile is often results in an approach to avoid real change and anchor the status quo.
  • Hybridized Agile is often used to build up resumes and support personal career objectives.

Real change is driven by helping people own the change not merely rent the idea from a process paradigm. More specifically in Scrum the change is owned by the team as a path to their maturity. As a team matures, it should develop broad skills among the members so that they can be responsive to the demand for results. Teams with broader skill profiles adapt to, and exploit opportunities faster and thus exhibit appropriate agility. Well-formed teams are a primary teaching of Scrum and the real enabler of organizational agility.
In Scrum, adaptive well-formed teams know why and want-to make changes for their improvement; not have-to.
Adaptive, truly agile, organizations favor a vision of decentralized and informal coordination over centralized coordination. Centralization is only favored to the degree it responds to an external need. Scrum 3.0 requires leadership with vision. Vision becomes a living force that is owned by the team when they truly believe in shaping their future. Hybridized Agile is often nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to steal ownership of vision away from the team.

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