Definition of Intraspective

A discussion by the Scrum Team about its Practices or Teamwork that occurs within the Sprint: it is often precipitated by an event that ‘didn’t go well.’ (compare to Retrospective)


After a very large miscommunication between the Teamlet and the stakeholder, we called for an Intraspective mid-sprint.

The ScrumMaster acts as the conscience of the Team, especially when it comes to the Team Values. When a Team Member (or the Team as a whole) is not living the Values it is the ScrumMaster’s job to make this fact visible and try to do something about it. This often, but not always, causes the ScrumMaster to call for an Intraspective to discuss the issue with the Team.


There is no rule in Scrum that says the team must wait to reflect on important topics. Sometimes it is very important to stop what you are doing and reflect on ‘what just happened’.

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