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Kanban Principles

[kahn-bahn prin-suh-puh l]

Definition of Kanban Principles

There are foundational principles based on the Kanban Values. Their purpose is to motivate thinking, assessment and behavior change to assist an organization towards improvement of their service delivery to the customer. The Kanban Principles are embodied by two areas of focus, those being, Change Management and Service Delivery. Within their category, they are as follows:

Change Management Principles
  • Start with what you do now (respecting current roles and responsibilities)
  • Agree to pursue change as an evolutionary pathway
  • Encourage acts of leadership at any and all levels of an organization

Service Delivery Principles
  • Focus on the customer (and understand their needs and expectations)
  • Manage the work, not the people and allowing them to self-organize
  • Establish and apply policies to promote improved service delivery

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