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Leadership Team

[lee-der-ship teem]

Definition of Leadership Team

A Scrum Team that consists of Team Captains (Product Owners) from different Teams along with its own Team Captain and Facilitator. The purpose of the Leadership Team is to coordinate cross-cutting issues, foster communications, and enable collaboration across the Teams. In particular, the Leadership Team is accountable for dividing the work up among their Scrum Teams. (also called Product Owner Team, Management Team)


There is the concept of a Product Owner Team (also called the Leadership Team or Management Team), which consists of a Business Owner, the Product Owners that are accountable to him or her, and maybe a few others to round out the Team.
This Leadership Team may have its own Backlog, its own Sprints, and so on – it is a Scrum Team after all. It does coordinated and consolidated Planning across all the Projects.

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