Lean Principles

[leen prin-suh-puh l]

Definition of Lean Principles

Lean Principles focus on creating value while eliminating waste, thus making a Value Stream (process flow) more efficient. Two of the Lean Principles that are built into good implementations of Scrum are ‘Pull, don’t Push’ and ‘Minimize Inventory.’


Lean principles tell us that Product should be developed by thinking from a user’s point of view rather than a developer’s – this is often referred to as the Pull, don’t Push principle .

The Team should not have very many planned out Stories on the Backlog, as this is considered inventory, and hence waste, based on Lean principles. Practically speaking, Stories that are planned out are too easy to choose in future Sprint Planning – just because they look ready to go – even if they aren’t really the most important. This shouldn’t happen, so make sure it doesn’t.

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