Organizational Noise

[awr-guh-nuh-zey-shuh n noiz]

Definition of Organizational Noise

An Organization that empowers and nurtures its Teams is said to be a ‘quiet’ Organization, while one with many procedures, meetings, interruptions, and the like, is said to be ‘noisy.’


The Organization provides a safe, learning environment; Team Members are allowed to focus on their Team’s work and are not sidetracked by excessive meetings and other distractions – there is no Organizational Noise.

Let’s say we have three Teams. Each has a Velocity of 10 Stories/Sprint and an average of 30 hours of effort for each Story. What makes our three Teams different is that the first Team’s Stories are Simple, the second Team’s Stories are Straightforward, and the third Team’s Stories are Complicated. That is, even though all the Stories on each of the Teams take the same average effort to complete, they have differences in many factors affecting actual effort, such as Technical Debt, Team Ability, Organizational Noise, etc.

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