Product Backlog

[prod-uh kt, -uhkt bak-lawg, -log]

Definition of Product Backlog

A Product Backlog is an ordered list of everything that is known to be needed in a Product. This term is usually used when the Product is actually a Product-Product. When the Product is a Team-Product, its Product backlog is imbedded in the Team’s Work Backlog.


The Product Owner is accountable for working with stakeholders and customers to develop a product backlog that is broken down into small pieces, clear to the developers, immediately actionable, estimated in points by the team that will implement it, and testable – acceptance tests are clearly defined that determine whether a backlog item is done.

From the Team’s view, the Product Backlog is work that it might do someday and the Sprint Backlog is work the Team forecasts it can work on now – in the current Sprint.

Our Product Backlog ordering is clear for things in the near term and is roughly organized for things that will occur later.

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