Product Goal

[prod-uh kt gohl]

Definition of Product Goal

The Product Goal is the ‘next’ milestone of the Product’s development. Once the Product Goal is met, another is established.


The Product Owner owns, and presents, the Product Goal, along with a set of (refined) Stories that will help the Team make progress towards the Product Goal.

The PO owns the Product Goal and uses it to drive the car towards the destination. Let the Scrum Master and Team own the Sprint Goal, which determines what they are doing to make the team better. The Sprint Goal defines success for the Sprint, so it overrules the Product Goal tactically, but the Product Goal is strategic.


Product Vision translate directly to Product Goal? or is it something higher like OKR?
Answer: Bottom line the product goal is whatever you need it to be. After all, Product can be anything that delivers value and the Product Goal is nothing more than a stepping stone to that value. The team does not really worry much about the Product Goal and what it is since it is primarily the Product Owners problem.

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