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Product Owner

[prod-uh kt, -uhkt oh-ner]

Definition of Product Owner

The Scrum Team Member who is accountable to the Business for both the value of the Team’s Work, and the value of the Team’s Results; synonym for Team Captain. This role is often confused with the non-Scrum role of Product Manager, who is accountable to the Business for the Product.


When a Scrum Team starts a new project, the Product Owner should initiate the Backlog by working with the Stakeholders and other Team Members to capture their needs, wants, desires, and requirements as Backlog Items.
The Product Owner and Team must update the Backlog so that there are prioritized Items on the Backlog that support the Release Goals and Strategy and are being prepared for Planning.
Scrum encourages the Product Owner to work with the development team and stakeholders to understand NEXT.

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