Scrum Team

[skruhm teem]

Definition of Scrum Team

A Scrum Team (commonly called the “Team”) is a small, co-located, self-organized, self-contained, value-driven, group of full-time Team Members who are organized around a Mission. Their job is to produce High-Quality Results at a Sustainable Pace. 


A Scrum Team’s work is managed with a Product Backlog (Backlog), which is a collection of Product Backlog Items (Items).

In order to be successful, the Team’s Product Owner must be accountable for the Scrum Team’s product, and should be a member of the Scrum Team.

Eliminate the future planned-out work that causes problems for some Scrum Teams by planning just in time; only agreeing to do new Stories when the Team becomes available to work on them by finishing old Stories.

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