Sprint Review

[sprint ri-vyoo]

Definition of Sprint Review

The Sprint Review consists of a Product Review and a Progress Review, and may consist of other Reviews as well. These reviews often require different participants, so the Sprint Review is often a series of separate Reviews.


The purpose of the Product Review is to get meaningful feedback from the Stakeholders about the Team’s Work Results (Product). This Review is often called the Sprint Review, and is the most important in Scrum, as without this feedback Scrum won’t work. For this reason, it is very important to get the right Stakeholders into the room for the Product Review.


When the Sprint is over there is a Product Review (Sprint Review is broken into two parts the Product Review and Progress Review in Scrum 3.0; you might do them both in one short meeting but, often they focus on different questions), when the Product Owner and the Team review the Team’s Results with their Stakeholders. This is done for three reasons: to prove to the Stakeholders that the Team is moving in the right direction, to get feedback from the Stakeholders about what they’ve done, and to discuss the next Sprint’s Goal with the Stakeholders.
If necessary, the Release Goals, Release Strategy, and Backlog are updated as part of the Review (or soon thereafter), taking into account the Review and any changes in business reality the Stakeholders may have. When Projects or Organizationare small they can rely on intuitive reasoning to determine what the right direction is; however, athey get bigger they may see a need for more sophisticated techniques (including metrics, perhaps) to help them discover what to do next. After the Product Review, the Team has an internal Retrospective to analyze its performance and practices.

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