Time-Boxed Story

[tahym boks stawr-ee, stohr-ee]

Definition of Time-Boxed Story

Time-Boxed Stories have their Acceptance Criteria (at least partially) defined by a time-box, and the actual Results produced are limited to what can be completed (using the Story’s Standard of Care) within that time-box.


Time-box examples are ‘Spend two days investigating Pilot Timesheets’ and ‘Do one day of exploratory testing of Buy an e-Ticket’.

The Team Retrospective and Sprint Planning sessions should be time-boxed, and their time-boxes should be respected.

We timed-boxed the story using StoryPoints, like 'Do 1 SP's worth of Analysis of Use Case XYZ", as this allows the Team to self-organize and self-manage while doing the Story.

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