Definition of Values

The word Values, in common use, refers either to values in general, the Team Values, the Kanban Values, or the Scrum Values.


Scrum is successful largely because it is based on values. The collection of Team Values listed here are ones I want Scrum Teams to have, and it would be nice if the Team Members have them (as individuals), as well. It would be even nicer if the people surrounding the team (and the Organization as a whole) had them, but that’s often too much to hope for. The Team Values are: Openness, Focus, Commitment, Respect, Courage, Visibility, and Humor.

Keep in mind that these Values exist because teams that have them are usually good teams, and thinking about them will help teams improve. I believe that a Team’s actual values can only be determined by looking at what it actually does. Therefore, I believe that discussion of the Values should be an integral part of every Team Retrospective and Intraspective.

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