Well-Formed Team

[wel fawrmed teem]

Definition of Well-Formed Team

A Well-Formed Team (WFT) is more than just a Team; it’s a ‘real Team’ – a Team that knows its job, does its job, and looks good doing it. A WFT is a Team with heart and soul; where Team Members value working together to be the best Team they can be. A WFT is a team that is self-organized, self-contained, and value-driven. A Scrum Team is a well-formed team that has both a Product Owner and a Scrum Master, and it is a primary teaching of Scrum that all teams (especially those working in complex domains) should be well-formed.


Scrum says that all teams (not just Scrum Teams) should be well-formed teams - especially when working in complex domains.

Here is an infographic depicting the Scrum Team. You can download, print and reference this graphic easily to help people understand the concept. https://3back.com/scrum-industry-terms/scrum-team-vs-development-team/

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