Work Backlog

[wurk bak-lawg, -log]

Definition of Work Backlog

The Team’s Work Backlog is owned by the Team Captain and consists of Stories that are being refined to become Ready for Planning. These Stories are of two types: Capabilities and Chores. The Capabilities in the Work Backlog can be referred to as the Team-Product’s Product Backlog.


Stories were added to the Work Backlog describing all the work that stakeholders want the Scrum Team to do someday.

The Scrum Team moved stories from the Fridge (Results Backlog) to the Back Burner (Work Backlog) and refined them into ready stories so that they could be easily pulled to the Front Burner (WIP). Also called, Now, Soon and Later

The Scrum Team damaged their throughput by not prioritizing chores into their work stream. As a result of The Scrum Team not doing their chores, the Total Cost of Ownership went up significantly.

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