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Business Owner

[biz-nis oh-ner]

Definition of Business Owner

A Product Ownership role that represents the person who is accountable to the Business for maximizing the overall value of the Deliverable Results.
A role defined to represent management outside the Team. In practice the Business Owner is either the ‘lead’ Stakeholder, the Team’s Sponsor, or the Product Owner’s Product Owner.


The Team’s Product Owner is accountable to the Business Owner, and the Business Owner is often accountable to the Stakeholders and others above him.
If the Product Owner doesn’t have a Business Owner to determine which things are important, and there are multiple Stakeholders holding the Product Owner to account for different things, then the Product Owner must ‘make the call’ and determine what is a Chore, and what is a Capability.
We expect the Clients to work with the Business Owners to determine which Results should be delivered, and the Business Owner represents the Client’s interests to the Organization and its Scrum Teams.


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