Sprint Backlog

[sprint bak-lawg, -log]

Definition of Sprint Backlog

A ‘living document’ that consists of the Stories the Team has brought into the Sprint, along with their definitions of “Done” and (possibly) Tasks.


The Sprint Backlog represents an agreement between the Product Owner and the rest of the Team about what will be attempted in the Sprint.

Often, the Items on the Sprint Backlog are tasked out in order to give the Team confidence that it can do the Items, and thus agree to them.

It is not unusual that external realities cause requirements to change faster than the Team wants them to, putting pressure on the Team to modify its Sprint Backlog. Usually, this modification comes in the form of the Product Owner wanting to add something to the Backlog – at least that’s the way the problem is usually put to the Team: ‘here’s something new we need to do…’ Sometimes this change actually comes from above the Product Owner, but it is the Product Owner’s responsibility to bring it to the Team.

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