Acceptance-Based Story

[ak-sep-tuh ns beys stawr-ee, stohr-ee]

Definition of Acceptance-Based Story

A Story whose Acceptance Criteria does not include a Time-Box; the Time an Acceptance-Based Story takes is a byproduct of getting to “Done.” 


Acceptance-Based Stories are those that have their Doneness defined by explicit Acceptance Criteria, and the effort it takes to do them is a byproduct of getting to Done; non-Functional examples include ‘Release Buy an e-Ticket to the Production Server’ and ‘Install junit on all the Team’s machines’.

Functional Stories are Acceptance-Based Stories that are defined by an Acceptance Test, like ‘Get List of Flights from CUTLASS’ or ‘add new Passenger to existing Itinerary’.

StoryPoints(Story), for an Acceptance-Based Story, is a relative measure of Ideal Effort, which is the effort it would take to develop the Story (meet both the Acceptance and Doneness Criteria) if everything were as it should be.

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