Agile Actuary

[aj-uh l ak-choo-er-ee ]

Definition of Agile Actuary

A professional who does qualitative and quantitative analysis to help Business Owners and Product Champions mitigate risk, support decision-making, evaluate options, and produce the Delivery Forecast.


We would expect each Product to have its own Delivery Forecast (which consists of estimated Delivery Dates, Costs, risks and other advisement) along with an associated Agile Actuary.

The Agile Actuary pulls together data through general qualitative or quantitative analysis to order to construct metrics, indicators, algorithms and models.

The Agile Actuary is scientifically minded and regularly uses statistical analysis to answer complex problems found in product development.


The term Delivery Manager was deprecated in favor of Agile Actuary since it has a stronger focus on analytics and trying to be more scientific in discipline. The dollars, values and associated risks are typically studied using statistically tools whenever stronger support can be made to support Scrum relate decisions.

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