Backlog Refinement

[bak-lawg, -log ri-fahyn-muh nt]

Definition of Backlog Refinement

The act of preparing a Backlog to make it ready for Planning. This includes: extracting Stories from Epics, refining Stories to make them Ready, and ordering the Stories. There could be Refinement Stories, Sessions, or both. Synonyms include Grooming, Backlog Maintenance, and  Story Time.


Remember that the goal of Backlog Refinement is that the Story becomes Ready – it winds up being less than a ‘10 minute’ conversation away from being agreed to in Sprint Planning.

Activities of Backlog Refinement fall into two basic categories: prioritizing the Items (moving them up the Backlog into the Back Burner), and preparing the Items in the Back Burner for Planning – making Stories Ready.

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